Dear Exhausted Mama, Don’t Give Up: A Letter of Encouragement

Exhausted Mama

Dear Exhausted Mama,

Are you so tired that you don’t know how you are going to get through the day? I want you to know that you are not alone. We all have days that we are falling apart at the seams. Days that waves come crashing down and you feel crushed. Days that you are pushing back the tears and forcing a smile when you meet your little one’s eyes.

Perhaps, you are in a hard season. Hang in there. This too shall pass. You are strong and capable of so much more than you think. Lean on your friends and family for support, and when all else fails, find strength in yourself. You can do this! Because after all, you are Mom and you are amazing.

You are the magic maker, the memory maker, the motivator. You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. From the moment that you gave birth, you have given your all.

You planned celebrations, big and small. You nursed your newborn day and night until they didn’t need it anymore. You have navigated through the twists and turns of the toddler, tween, and teen years.

You make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You wash dishes, dishes, and more dishes. You wipe booties and boogers. You clean clothes, put them away, and make sure the baseball uniform is ready for practice after school. You drive all over God’s green Earth without complaining.

You wait, anxiously, for your teenage son to get home safely before you close your eyes. You clean, organize, make appointments, empathize , counsel, cook, drive, talk, listen, plan, etc. The list is endless. It is no wonder we are all exhausted. You are the chaos coordinator. You are Mom. You do it all.

But Mommy, you too are human. You need to give yourself some grace. You want to be everything to everyone. You strive to be a good wife, good doggie Mom, good friend, daughter, etc. And there are days that you just don’t have any more to give. Give yourself the space to have some grace. Think about you for a minute. What do you need tired, Mama? Be honest with yourself.

Do you need time? Take time for yourself. (And not in the bathroom or the closet.) Take time to do what makes you happy. Maybe you need sleep. Ask your husband to get up with the baby, or ask your Mom, sister, brother to take the kids overnight so you can sleep. It is okay to leave the kids overnight to fill your cup.

Maybe you need a date night? A girls’ night out? A coffee at Starbucks? The chaos coordinator needs to refuel and the troops can wait. You are exhausted for good reason. You put everyone in your family before yourself. You are a selfless Mama.

Do what the CEOs do. DELEGATE. Spread out your responsibilities. Start giving the kids more responsibilities. Why do you need to pack multiple lunches? Have the older kids put their lunches together.

Instead of folding 99 loads of laundry, place the laundry basket of clothes in every kid’s room. Like my mother always says, ” You don’t need a college degree to fold clothes.” She has always made me chuckle with that line. But isn’t it the truth?

We do so much for our children and sometimes it is just TOO much. The result: we are exhausted. Mom fatigue is real. Talk to your spouse. Talk to your friend. Find your support system. It is okay to ask for help. You can show up better for your kids when you have energy.

It’s okay to be tired, but when you are constantly exhausted, pause. Remember, you deserve a break for all you do every day and your family deserves more time with their Mommy too. Take care of yourself, give the kids some responsibility, and don’t forget that you are human! I hope this letter has given you encouragement as well as ideas on how to take better care of yourself


An Exhausted Mama Too ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S.-Please pass this letter along to other Exhausted Mamas

P.P.S. Mama, practice positive thinking. Here are 10 affirmations you can say aloud to remind yourself of the beautiful job that you are doing:

  1. I won’t feel guilty for taking care of myself.
  2. I deserve time for myself.
  3. I am doing the best that I can, and that is enough.
  4. My children are loved and cared for.
  5. I can ask for help.
  6. I am strong and can handle whatever comes my way.
  7. I will not talk bad about myself. No negative self talk.
  8. I deserve time for myself and I will take it.
  9. I am blessed to be a Mommy.
  10. I am enough.
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  1. I really needed this. I have def been feeling overwhelmed with everything so it is nice to read something encouraging!

  2. #3! I try my best and sometimes it feels like its still not good enough. I need to accept that its okay and I AM ENOUGH. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yes! Often overwhelmed mom here too…thinking I should be doing this and should be doing that! We tell ourselves we should be doing so many things to be a good mom, and in reality time and love are what our kids need. So simple. It’s interesting to remind ourselves that stress and constant going wrecks havoc on our health. A mom who is exhausted, tired, and grumpy is not the best mom either. I’ve been there too many times. I love #7 affirmation: I deserve time for myself and I will take it. No need to feel guilty about self-care!

  4. Being a mother is a full time job 24/7 letโ€™s be honest. It changes as your children mature obviously. This is a wonderful post. It is never right to feel guilty to take care of yourself so you can remain well to take care of others. Thank you for sharing. โ˜บ๏ธ

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

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